Custom Spreaders

Quality walk-behind power spreaders.

Dual Rear Wheels

Stainless Steel Parts

Honda GX 160 Engines

We use Honda GX 160 engines, for better performance and efficiency. Get more info down this page or call us direct.



Custom Fertilizer Spreaders

Custom Spreaders

Custom Spreaders custom made walk behind hydraulic powered fertilizer, granular pesticide, and rock salt spreaders home page. See our video below.

Improved Performance And Greater Longevity

With a more powerful engine, improved stability, greater capacity, and longer life, our spreader will cut your bottom line and save you valuable time, increasing your profits.

Features & Benefits

We take pride in making long-lasting, efficient spreaders, and we will customize or make a whole new spreader for you. Our design and manufacturing philosophy is all about quality and reliability. That’s why we use stainless steel and manufacture our machines in the U.S.A.

Our machines are custom made to your specifications, but we often do have “standard” machines in stock, just in case you can’t wait or want to leave the design up to the experts. If you want something custom, we can make little changes, or we can build you a whole new machine.


My crew said it was smooth and worked great.

Gaylon R.


Two Rear Wheels

A Better Spreader

Two Rear Wheels

Most spreaders have one rear wheel, but for stability we put two wheels on the back of our spreader (set up like the front landing gear on a plane). This reduces ground pressure per wheel, and that makes it easier to roll over soft surfaces. This makes the tires last longer and easier to replace when necessary too.

Two Handlebar Supports

Our handlebars are supported by two handlebar supports, rather than one. This makes our machines more solid and easier to control.

Stainless Steel

We use stainless steel for the frame, deck, and hydraulic oil tank, which means they’re stronger and last a long, long time.

 Other parts are stainless steel too. Learn more here.

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