The hydraulic drive power spreader you see on these pages was made to replace the Lesco Hydro power spreader, a walk-behind spreader that fills a special niche in the market. This new spreader has been developed by a pair of industry experts, experienced with fertilizer and granular pesticide application and small engine repair. Their experience means you benefit, because not only does the manufacturer use the equipment they make, but they understand the business and what’s needed to make spreading faster, easier, and more efficient. The improvements they’ve made over the original Lesco spreader has lead to a reduction in wasted time and materials, saving money, so Custom Spreaders pay for themselves fast.

They fit in small spaces

Custom Spreaders fit small spaces

We make better power spreaders. This is our business, our primary mission, and why this Web site exists. If you’re in the business of spreading granular pesticides or fertilizer in tight quarters, or if you need a more compact and portable power spreader, our hydraulic power spreader may be the solution you seek. Soon you’ll either have one of our hydraulic power spreaders, or one of your competitors will.

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