Eric and hiw wife

Eric and his lovely wife. They’ve been a couple for decades.

The Custom Spreader company was started in 2014 because of a desire to provide new hydraulic power spreaders to replace the aging fleet of Lesco Hydro spreaders that are being used in south Florida. Since the company is run by two industry experts, Eric Sprich and Josh Kudika, the spreaders they make are upgraded from the original Lesco Hydro spreader.

Josh and Eric have designed the new machine together, and Eric uses them regularly in his successful pesticide and fertilizing business. The company is privately owned and in that stage where it’s growing quickly, but not so big that the customer is considered just another of many, so now is a perfect time to take advantage of the current pricing and availability.

Josh welding

Josh at the workbench.

Custom Spreaders are made in south Florida, an area known for landscaping, where fertilizers and pesticides are applied all year long and equipment reliability is absolutely essential.

As experienced users, we have decided that specializing in making custom spreaders is the right direction for our company. We see the need for better hydraulic power spreaders, so we started building them. They can be customized to your desires, but our latest model is about as good as it can possibly be. Take a closer look or call for more info. now: 954-729-3875