Product Photos

Double Rear Wheel

The double rear wheel spreads the weight between two wheels, reducing the ground pressure and letting you run on softer grass and other areas that would normally be harder to roll over. It also makes the wheels less prone to flats and easier to access, while increasing the stability of the machine.

Stainless Steel Frame, Deck, and Oil Tank

We use stainless steel, rather than aluminum or some other material, because it’s stronger and more resistant to corrosion.

Coated Metal Wheels

We use metal wheels, rather than flimsy plastic, and we coat them with a rust resistant anti-corrosion coating to make them last.

Stainless Steel Roller Chain

We use a high quality stainless steel roller chain to increase the chain life, improve reliability, and reduce maintenance.

More Powerful Honda GX 160 Engine

The GX 160 is a better, more powerful Honda engine, which means you can run longer and faster, without causing your machine to work too hard. Less powerful engines just don’t do the job like the GX 160.

Clear Viewing Window

The transparent window allows the operator to see the spreader components in operation. It is removable/replaceable and can be polished to make it look like new again.

Eye Hooks

We include eye hooks (tie down rings) to make transporting our spreaders easier and safer.

Oversized Hopper

The oversized hopper lets you or your operator spread more material in a shorter period of time, because you don’t have to keep refilling the hopper as much.